Thursday, 1 July 2010

Thailand Last Day

So today is my last day in Thailand... I'm actually staying in to prepare for my trip to India.

At the beginning I found Thailand to be a very scary place. The old Bangkok where I started my journey was very cramped and dirty. Most of the buildings were just small time manufacturers/ producers of the secondary sector. So you had many random junk products such as pipes, tubes, motor parts, rubber parts, cables, etc. being produced in a small and dim lighted garage. The people didn't seem that clean either. Their clothes were all are dirtied from the dust and dirt floating around that place that just adheres to the clothes because of the humidity. Temples reigned over the area, along with markets, bazaars and street vendors. I thought that was all there was to see in Bangkok until I visited the downtown area. Now I find that Bangkok look more like HK, except for the Tuk Tuks and the networks of scammers. At the center of it all, is always the capitalistic empire of sky-rises and shopping malls, with a large range of poverty at the outskirts of the city.

Also, I find that Bangkok is like a sponge; It absorbs all the foreign influences. Unlike Korea, which is much more nationalistic and rejects western cultures (western products or FDI), in Thailand you can find products and restaurants originating from many other countries. From Japan, there are many Japanese restaurants, Japanese nick nack shops and large amount of Japanese porn (Street vendors all sell japanese porn in Bundle loads). From Hong Kong, there are so many noodle shops, bbq pork and bbq duck vendors. From Korea you got the KOREAN MUSIC! YES INDEED, they have commercials with BIG BANG playing all the time in the skyrails. Korean and Japanese pop culture here is big! Probably just as popular as their local Thai pop culture. Mc Donalds, burger kings and KFC are plentiful here. OHHH and the Mc Donalds here have PINEAPPLE PIES AND SPINACH PIES!! Pineapple pies are good! Spinach pies... didn't try.

I know I was suppose to talk about the Paragon Mall, but I rather do it through facebook, with pictures backing it up.

Well till India People! So scared! Bwahahhahahaha

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  1. heyyy albert! :D glad to know you're keeping track of everything... thailand does sound like a scammy place; suhan went last summer and he HATED it lol.

    let me know how india is! i'm so jealous that you got to travel around! CA school is honestly such a bummer, and we need to catch up lol!

    when are you back in HK if at all? i'll be in HK from july 22nd on.. let's meet up and go out with ray ray haha! :D

    best of luck!