Sunday, 11 July 2010

July 10, 2010 6:00 AM

Yes!! I finally got my luggages back! After having gone through several incompetent agents over these last few days; I finally managed to find a female representative that was able to sort everything out for me under 20 minutes! I am pretty sure that all those other bastards before her just disregarded my complaints and demands. They say Yes, Yes, Yes, I know, I know, I know, ok, ok, ok; but nothing actually gets done. They told me the day before that I would receive my luggages on that very evening; which did not end up happening. So when I called them again yesterday morning, from what they were trying to tell me, it seemed as if my luggages were still in the same situation as they were the day I got here: lost. It was also as if my calls had never been made because they kept asking for the same informations over and over again. The level of efficiency and competency of these workers is atrocious! I called them 5 times yesterday morning asking for the precise location of my luggages but all I got was the assurance that they were somewhere in Jaipur. I believe that the top-down management in India is the source of the problem. The orders given by the person at the top gets diluted at each level of the hierarchy, resulting in poor services and poor quality the bottom line. Since, there is lack of awareness; the people at top don’t necessarily know what the people at the bottom are doing because each follow their own system. Also, the middle and lower management positions seem as if they really don’t give a shit about whether a job gets done properly or not. Money and well being seems to be their only concern. So at the end of the day, pretty much everything becomes a free for all last minute rush to get things done; just like the preparations for the common wealth games as well as the delivery of my laggages.

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