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July 6 2010

July 6, 2010 6:10 AM
Traveling in New Delhi with Holly and Tom

Well I’ve almost got picked pocketed by 2 brats off the streets on my way back, after walking Holly and Tom off to the train station. Since the main bazaar was so narrow due to constructions, they tried to get me when I was letting a car pass by. One of the damn brat even knew how to say some stuff in Japanese and Korean. Luckily I felt it and told them off.

O yeah! By the way Holly and Tom are my 2 British friends that I’ve met on my trip from Mumbai to New Delhi. Ever since we got to New Delhi, we’ve been traveling together. I’m so glad that I’ve met them cause I wouldn’t how to handle all the stress of the city all by myself. Everywhere we went, we were being deceived and tricked. Everything costed more for foreigners! Being able to split the cost of traveling with two other people was a lot more comforting. But honestly with no jokes, its nearly impossible to ask for directions without being brought to a “Tourist office” where it’s once again a network of scammers who get commission from bringing you around to other places than your destination. Its impossible to trust anyone! We went to many temples, palaces and forts of which the names escape me right now, but were splendid anyways (pictures will be posted only once I’m back).

Delhi is a lot better than Mumbai. You can tell that the infrastructures are a lot more modern and up to date. However there are still heavy amounts of dust in the air due to the constructions that they are undertaking in order to prepare for the commonwealth game. We’ve passed by a half finished stadium next to the Connaught place (Central area in New Delhi I believe) where the games are supposed to take place. Apparently they only have 3 months to finish it. But from what we saw; they had only had the metal frameworks and the foundation in place. There is no way that they can finish that in time, unless they are to make the estrades the same as the cheap baseball field ones.

Today, there are still a couple of places that I would like to visit such as the Lotus temple, though I believe that it is way too far out. Then tomorrow I’ll be leaving for Jaipur to catch up with Tom and Holly. Till Jaipur then!

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