Tuesday, 6 July 2010

July 7th 2010

So I have a bit of time b4 leaving to Jaipur, so I decided to drop by the internet cafe one last time to update my blog.

Anyways, last night I finally took a somewhat of a half assed shower. Before that I haven't really showered at all... Yup. That makes 3 days that I went through in Delhi without showering. But! But! But! Its not because I was too lazy to shower or due to the fact that I didn't like the facilities... well actually I didn't like the facilities BUT I would have showered in them anyways. It is actually because I have no change of clothes or towels... Now why is that you may ask yourself? Well this story actually dates from my arrival to India.

Just as what happened on the time I got off at Hong Kong airport; they informed me that the airlines have lost my luggage. But this time I wasnt the only one. There were a lot of other people yelling and complaining at the airline's representatives (The airline which I would not name but simply note that it is Indian and that it is composed of 2 words, one of which is King and the other is Fisher). Now, when I was in HK that wasnt much of a problem, as I had somewhat of an permanent address where my luggage could be sent to, as well a cell phone number where they can reach me. But in India I knew that I was gonna stay in Mumbai for only 1 day b4 leaving for another city, which made things much more complicated. So at the beginning I kept telling them to send it to Jaipur because that's where I planned to go next. However what I didnt know, is that I had to book the train tickets at least 24 hours in advance. So when I went to buy the train tickets the next day; there were no seats left to Jaipur. Therefore I was left with no other option than to buy the ticket for the next train to Delhi which left that evening at ten to 6.

When I got to Delhi, I simply thought that I might as well call them once I get to my new hotel and ask them to send my luggages to the new location. But when I saw the Main Bazaar, where my hotel was located... I promptly reconsidered my options. My hotel was literally located between the cracks of a wall. We passed it 2 times without even noticing that it was actually a hallway where we can pass through. I had a feeling that there was no possible way for anyone to find this location, let alone send stuff here without it being damaged or stolen. So I decided to put it off until I get to a better Hotel in Jaipur.

So thats all for now... I havnt really proofread my blog; ill do it when I have time :D. Till Jaipur then!

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