Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Thailand Day 5

Today is the 5th day that I am in Thailand. Time to recap on the things that I didn't talk about.

I spent a day and a half down in Pattaya. To get there I had to take a Van suggested to me by the host at the hostel. First time to ride on the back of scooter in the middle of Bangkok... thought I was gonna die. Then took the ever so cheaply van (only 120 baht/ compared to the 100 baht i payed the Tuk Tuk to go a simple mile) to get down to pattaya... thought I was gonna get tricked and get chopped up by the side of the road. SCARED SHITLESS all along the ride. But I finally got down to Pattaya with all my limbs attached.

First thing I noticed: THRONGS of white old dudes with their Thai partners... Dirty or awkward as it may sound... There is actually an interesting story to all of it. I found out a lot about Pattaya and the system that works there, through a dinner that I had with 2 very experienced and knowledgeable expats living there. Pattaya is a very interesting scene in the midst of Thailand. I want to do more research on it when I have the time. But there is so much that I found out so far... come have dinner or coffee with me some time, and I would not mind discussing it with anyone.

So from this one end of Thailand I came back to Bangkok to visit the commercial an business district of Thailand. THE PARAGON!!! Is what I shall be talking about on my next blog. This MEGA MALL made me feel so insignificant...


  1. the scooter ride does sound scary...it's like in China on the back of the taxi, I search in vain for the non existent seatbelt and the driver just laughs at me.

    Dinner when you come back !!! sois prudent!!

  2. Je retourne sur le 23 Juillet! Puis je pense en avoir un superb bbq chez nous!