Friday, 5 March 2010

Entry 8: INHA University

Well, now that I am living in the dorms, making video blogs may not seem possible. It has been 3 days since school started. Adaptation is not easy. Though this school offers classes in English; all administrative affairs are handled in Korean. If it wasn’t for my buddy, I would not have been able to handle any of the paper work. So thanks to him I finally managed to create an online banking account with HANA BANK, however due to the fact that my computer is unable to connect to Internet here, I have yet to transfer any money to this new account. I will ask my roommate to use his computer for such important matters tomorrow. Other than that, I am faced with the same problem as did many exchange students have faced before me; and that is getting the appropriate course that are going to be credited towards my major. Nothing is easy and , that’s why I must eat more appropriately to keep focus. I have just bought some multi-vitamins just incase, and looking to buy some protein powder.
Thats it for now...

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  1. the administrative part is the most annoying side of the exchange hehe
    good luck with your classes albert!! take korean 101, itll be fun!