Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Week 2, Day 2 Sokcho

So this morning during breakfast time, I met an Australian that's taking a year off from work to travel and sight see. It so happened that we were going out to the same place that morning (Mt. Seoraksan), so we decided to travel together: and boy was that a good idea cause the mountain paths were quite treacherous with the amount of snow there was.

Weather on the other had was fantastic. I was traveling with just my hoodie on and I even found that unbearable. The climb up the mountain was quite a work out.The existing paths were just heaps of snow that was compacted by the travelers that passed before us. One wrong step off track and your leg would sink a good feet or two. However the nasty part of this, is that the beaten path was at the same height as the uncompacted snow so it was never a wise choice to make a new path. I managed to only get my socks a little wet on the way up, but on the way down it was a completely different story. At most times i was on all 4 to get up the mountain; this tells you how steep most of the paths were. Therefore on the way down, it was nearly impossible to get a grip on any land, so we ended up sliding down the mountain 50% of the time. And thats how i got my socks and shoes soaked.

O and i forgot to mention, on our way up, we met 2 americans that were from the same hostel. Hence we decided to all go out for dinner that night.

Pictures should be posted soon, you guys should be able to see them in a few days.

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