Friday, 12 March 2010

Entry 9, Video blog 5

So today was end of my second week at Inha. It felt as if 3 weeks has passed tough because we've been going out drinking so very often during the week; that each night out felt like a drunken friday night out. Anyhow, to finish off this week we were given a hell of a windy day. But as one of my germand friend would put it; a windy day is a sign of a warmer tomorrow. And by the end of the day that hope for a warmer tomorow was reassured, as the sun finaly pear out from behind the heavy dust and fog; offering a short yet nostalgic evening sunset before hiding behind the mountains again. It reminded me of my childhood days, going to "the pit" in the summer time with my neighbour just to watch the golden sun slowly melt away behind the scenery. HERE IS VIDEO BLOG WHICH IS UNRELATED
P.S. I know that I repeat a lot. Next video blog will be on A Specific Event.

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